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The hill king

The hill king

Background Lore The City of Trupos is experiencing dire times. King Cornelius Trup has been unconscious for weeks now. Jitan, the court wizard and the King’s best friend is desperate. His powers have been enough to keep the king alive, but he knows this is not...

The bundles are comming!

The bundles are comming!

If you are planning a campinng a need a little more minis you shoud look at out new bundles! We will add new bundles every month so look at the page from time to time: https://www.miniaturesforge.eu/kategoria-produktu/bundles/ Phone lookup Canada

The blood of Longsaddle

The blood of Longsaddle

Longsaddle is a typical provincial village with non-typical provincial inhabitants and problems. The village has a small secret - the inhabitants work only from dusk to dawn. The entire population of the town is infected by vampirism - although they try to feed mainly...

Forgotten lands

Forgotten lands

A heavy rainfall has uncovered the entrance to a previously unknown underground. Little was known about their history or origin. The city archives, however, contained a note about tribes who once inhabited these lands. According to the information contained therein,...

The hidden temple

The hidden temple

The last thing the heroes expected in the middle of the jungle was the altar of the ancient who lived in these areas. Despite the passage of time, the magical aura of this place remained strong. Monuments overgrown with all kinds of ivy combined into one creating a...

Eric fallen paladin

Eric fallen paladin

Hero name: Eric fallen paladin Race: Human Eric was a devoted paladin of his order. However his fate did not quite go as expected. He was quite self-confident, though impetuous warrior. And he did not agree with the changes that were taking place in his order....

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