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Name: Throg  the Great Class: Warrior Throg was a young leader of one of the orcish clans. Despite his lack of experience as a leader, his tremendous charisma slandered many supporters. As you can guess, he was not very respected by the orcish elders who accused him...

Martin Goldenmort Junior

Martin Goldenmort Junior

Name: Martin Goldenmort Junior Class: Paladin It would be difficult to find another such arrogant man like Martin Goldenmort. Unfortunately, there is a good chance that when visiting the capital Quebec phone lookup , he will find you ... Looking for adventure, he...

Elunea the Elemental master

Elunea the Elemental master

Name: Elunea the Elementalist Class: Druid Elunea was a priestess who sought contact with the gods mainly in her forest solitude. For many years, she strengthened her relationship with nature and her ability to control the world around her every day. Even for an elf,...

City of Dealbinis

City of Dealbinis

Dealbinis was called the golden city. Inhabitants of the city followed one principle: "He who does not work does not eat". The city was famous for excellent craftsmen, where crafts passed from father to son. The local craftsmen specialize in production of high-quality...

Derbot Castle

Derbot Castle

Derbot Castle is a combination of human and elven architecture. Years ago, when the northern border was extremely important for people, they built a stronghold, which was to be the first line of defense in the event of an orc invasion. The great battle of the five...

The visitor

The visitor

After months or years of conflict, wars eventually come to an end. Although sometimes the toll to pay is too high and despite the combats and violence being over, kingdoms still suffer the aftermath of such battles. Besides lives, an empire’s losses are varied....

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