POLICY PRIVACY              


This document is an integral part of the Regulations of the Store http://wonderpolska.pl/.


1. The            data administrator is Kosmetyka Fizjodiet Medical SPA sp. Z oo sp. k.

NIP: 8133685099 operating in Katowice, ul. Sokolska 10/5 40-086 Katowice , NIP: 8133685099, REGON: 181049230, registered in the National Court Register, which operates through the Store www.miniaturesforge.eu. The database was created solely to enable customers to make purchases on the Store's website.

1.        The administrator is entitled to disclose personal data only to authorized entities on basis appropriate regulations laws, according With provisions Of the Regulations and applicable regulations laws.

2.        Marketing direct own services and monitoring quality services Portal is possible after obtaining the Customer's CONSENT. The consent to the processing of data for the purpose described in the preceding sentence is voluntary and may be revoked at any time time.

3.        The administrator undertakes to keep it safe data.

4.        Personal data and information contained in the registration form or in the e-mail will be used by the Administrator to conclude, amend, terminate the contract with the Customer and ensure the highest possible quality provided services. In this purpose Administrator processes the following data: name and surname, e-mail address, address, Entrepreneur's data, Tax ID.

5.        The customer has the right to view and modify their personal data at any time, as well as to delete them immediately after reporting to the Administrator who, at the request of the customer, modifies or completely deletes data.

6.        Administrator obliges myself down usage means technical and organizational data protection, in particular by securing data against disclosure to individuals unauthorized.

7.        Entrusted data personal are stored and secured according With rules specified in applicable law and have been reported to the database of the Inspector General for Data Protection Personal.


Newsletter service


1.       The service of sending the Newsletter consists in sending all information regarding the activities of the Store by road by e-mail.

2.        The customer uses the Newsletter service in a manner voluntary.

3.        The customer has the option of using the service of sending information as part of the Newsletter by entering the e-mail address in the field Newsletter.

4.       On inscribed by The customer address e-mail will stay sent message e-mail With confirmation of the commencement of the service with the information: "If you want to resign from Newsletter ".

5.        Client in each time has possibility resignation With services Newsletter by submitting a resignation via e-mail or changing your settings accounts.