GM Warden A


Scale explanation:

28mm - typical Dungeon and Dragons heroes scale

32mm - most often used scale for painting minis

38mm - when you want the mini 20% bigger

Base explanation:

Premium base - a well-crafted base with a lot of detail

Original base - the base you see on the visualisation

No base - when you don't need the miniature base

You can pick a custom base in this category

Miniatures scale
Finishing level

Most important things you need to know before you buy our minis:

1. To every order we give a free miniature of the month (Value above 5€)

2. To every order above 40€ we give a free wooden engraved box

3. Shipment for orders above 50$ / 50€ is free.

4. To every order above 20€ we give a 2nd free mini.

4. We print on high detail resin printers only.

5. If there is something wrong with your mini let us know before you leave a review

Why should you buy our miniatures?

✔ We print on high detail machines

✔ Our price is one of the best on etsy

✔ We show real close photos of our minis - check if other seller do!

✔ We love RPG and painting like you - we are one of the biggest printers in EU

✔ We run a RPG company and you can always contact us 7 days per week!

Packing and transportation

To every order above 40€ we give for free a wooden RPG engraved box to protect your mini. We also use a special box infill to make sure, your minis will be perfectly delivered ! We usually ship in less then 7 days. However some shippments may have a delay because of “COVID-19 Quarantine”. So don’t worry if the shipment is stuck for few days.

Check our prints on instagram!

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