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Back on ETSY
Back on ETSY

We are thrilled to announce that we have regained access to our old Etsy account! ? We are working tirelessly and confidently estimate that most of your orders will be fulfilled by the 15th of May. ??? Sales, here we come!

During this downtime, we haven't been idle. We've implemented numerous enhancements that significantly reduce the risk of incorrect shipments, and we've found ways to better protect our models from damage during transport! ?? We're committed to ensuring you receive your orders in perfect condition.

However, we would like to address a recent issue. ? Despite our absolute sincerity towards our customers, and our commitment to issuing refunds for those who didn't wish to wait for the account reactivation, we have unfortunately received a number of negative reviews. This has impacted our rating adversely. ?

Despite this, we see the silver lining. ?? These challenges have only fueled our motivation to improve and provide an even better service. ? We genuinely thank you for your continued support through these times. ?

Hold tight! We are about to hit the ground running at full steam. ? Your patience and understanding mean the world to us, and we are excited to serve you with our renewed vigor. ? Thank you! ?

Post on : maj 12, 2023
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Author : Wojciech Budziosz